intentional imagining


What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to love? How do you want to look?


Intentional imagining is a process that turns our dream world into the real world. 


For the past decade as a lifestyle journalist, I've daydreamed with hundreds of make believers, visionaries, CEOs, and artists. As an editor for magazines and web sites championing emerging talent (Venus Zine, DailyCandy), I've witnessed first hand what happens when we shatter the glass ceiling, bust through limiting beliefs, and re-write personal narratives. Sometimes it takes two to draft a new story. Together, we can transform your wildest fantasies into reality.


The practice of intentional imagining helps us to:

Find the magic in the mundane  • reignite a childlike sense of wonder  • build the imagination   increase awareness and re-write limiting beliefs   unearth authenticity and embrace eccentricity   listen and live from one’s original truths   cope and heal from trauma   accept and enjoy the full spectrum of the human experience

The process is fun, easy, powerful. Anyone can do it. You can begin anytime. 

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