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intentional imagining

Intentional imagining is an empathetic, imaginative, and intuitive dialogue. Our daydreams are more powerful together. When we are able to speak our wildest ideas out loud in an open minded space free of judgement and disbelief, we are able to build, grow, and strengthen our visions. The words we speak can be transformative. They feed energy back and forth, magnifying intention. Often, this energy can help us to take inspired action.

I have worked with clients on everything from daydreaming future homes to creating new media platforms to conjuring up new romantic partners to finding lost dogs to envisioning new career opportunities. No two sessions are alike. 

About my lens: 15+ years creating trends for major women's lifestyle media platforms (DailyCandy, Conde Nast, Hearst, Modern Luxury, Brit + Co, among others), 10+ years studying and practicing the invisible arts (meditation, yoga, dream work, tarot, sound healing, among others) and 30+ years immersed in cinematic and literary fantastical escapism.

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