intentional imagining


Think of intentional imagining as play, not work. 


To intentionally imagine is to reconnect with the inner child, the child who sees the world not as it is, but how it could be.


Intentional Imagining is NOT therapy, astrology, life coaching, manifestation, intuitive/psychic reading, or spiritual healing.


I have a very unique lens. I can elevate, imagine, and expand on whatever you present to me. I have worked with clients on everything from daydreaming future homes to visioning new media platforms to conjuring up romantic partners. Often, all you need is a shift in energy to find the courage to take inspired action. I genuinely believe you can do anything.

About my lens: 15+ years working as a trend forecaster, idea generator, and storyteller for major media platforms (NBC, Conde Nast, Groupon), 10+ years studying and practicing the invisible arts (meditation, yogic science, dream work, kundalini, intuition, ritual/spell work, sound healing) and 20+ years writing/watching/studying fantasy. I am a very visionary, abstract thinker. I am an explorer of the subtle and imaginative realms. In my world, there is no idea that is too expansive, too far out. I am the person you can safely go to when you want to foster big, new juicy visions that may be challenged or deflated by other people.


Let's dream the world anew.